Hello we are Venus Decore a Joyful Living Fabric Brand that provides the finest inhome décor fabrics, offering a bouquet of more than 700 designs. It proves as a one stop solution for all types of curtains and upholstery It is a family owned business committed to converting spaces into signatures – signature of style, signature of poise and above all, signature of dreams. Our range includes Sheers, Curtains and Upholstery among other fabrics. The company strongly believes that a home is not just a place that houses, but also defines a family, and the brand ensures to make every design, every product a reflection of its customers’ feelings.

So let’s see what we have in our collection for your joyful living lifestyle.

1) Angel

2) California

3) Grace

4) Haven

5) Houston

6) Keenly

7) Krystal

8) Meeru

9) Muskan

10) New York

11) Opera

12) Peace

13) Proven

14) Shalom

Every page of our collection contains a brochure pdf of each collection models respectively.

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